"We used Jenny again after the arrival of our second child. Jenny continues to be a super resource and source of support and help during a time of sleep deprivation and anxiety, right after the baby is born! We were so lucky to have her and would hire her again!"                             

Wendy, San Francisco 



"Olive is absolutely incredible with babies. She knows babies, loves babies and speaks their language! She is honest, informed, detail oriented and intuitive -- but most importantly, she passionately loves her work. As a first-time mom, I was intensely scared to hand over my child to anyone but Olive cares for my son as though he was her own. I feel so fortunate and blessed to have her in our home!"

E.Cowan, Burlingame


"Michelle is a natural with babies, and it is apparent that she has a passion for infants."

Jenny, SF Bay Area



"Colleen was and is fantastic! I never thought I would get that much sleep with newborn triplets. She started with me the night they came home helped manage their feedings immediately. I only had to get up when I heard a cry and couldn't have done it without her. Colleen is a wonderful, trustworthy person with great motherly instincts. I would recommend her to anyone!"

Gina, Foster City 


"Thanks to Nichole's support for the first few months we were able to sleep.... and sleep well knowing she was taking such good care of Colin at night. She helped us to be better parents! She is so wonderful!

Krissa, Oakland


"Anna was the Night Doula for my newborn twins & we credit her with keeping us sane in the early days! She was amazing at tandem bottle feeding them (no easy feat to feed two newborns simultaneously) and soothing them back to sleep. One of my girls was a very difficult feeder and she helped us identify the cause and get help from our pediatrician. She also spotted thrush in my other daughter & helped us get it treated. She had a device on everything from pumps to baby carriers to bottles, and would often bring gear for us to use or try. She was great at reading my mood for middle of the night pumping sessions. And as an added bonus, she washed all our bottles & pumping supplies and folded baby laundry. It was so amazing to wake up at 6am when she left the house with a full night's sleep & a tidy house."

Carey, San Francisco


"Having Chris's expertise to draw on has truly been a blessing! Her warmth and caring for our daughter put us at ease and helped us transition into our new role as parents."

Ken & Maria, San Francisco


"Our son was born three weeks early and had a hospital stay before coming home with us. Eileen was in touch with us regularly during that time, and knowing she would be there to help when we brought him home was a huge comfort.

Eileen was so caring and attentive with our son from the first night she met him, spending lots of time holding and patiently rocking him. As he grew, and the focus switched to sleep training, she knew (and taught us) all the recommended practices around sleeping and feeding.

Eileen’s knowledge of safe newborn care also allowed us to get some much needed sleep as new parents. We’d recommend her without hesitation!”


Rachel, San Francisco